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Adoption pending! Yay!

This beautiful Labmatian (half lab, half Dalmatian) was found as a stray and given away to a home with many dogs, where he should have been happy. Yet he still seemed to be constantly searching for whatever it was he had lost, leaving and only coming back that day when tired or hungry. Constantly searching, appearing very sad, reserved and wary, this unhappiness, as well as the safety issue of leaving the fenced yard, was his reason for being reluctantly surrendered to rescue, in the hopes we could help him find his heart, his 'soul-mate' again and be the happy, carefree, loving, trusting creature we all can see deep in his sad eyes.

Calm, easy going, smart, and obedient, Warrior seems to solemnly tolerate whatever life throws at him, and does well around most all people, dogs and cats, yet he has a very sensitive nature and will quietly and quickly leave if there is any tension or raised voices around him. A quick call back and head hug will calm his fears and he will sigh and lay back down. He thrives on having a 'person' to call his own and although he is ok with most other dogs (one on one, as 10 on one stresses him it seems) and enjoys the companionship, he would be fine without them as long as he feels important in his person's life. Bully dogs upset him as he wants to defend himself, and would too, but knows it is not allowed, and usually leaves instead. However he has defended himself when no one was around and the outcome was not good so a no dog home or a submissive dog home that would never push or challenge him would be best. When he leaves, he comes back when things calm down however, because he really does not want to leave. Stockade fences contain him but 4ft fences he can get over and that causes safety issues with us as well (for him AND for the other more bully dogs here that would challenge him or back him in a corner). This has mandated he be kept in a covered concrete 25 ft run most of the time and it is so sad to have to do that to him. He has been here since March and living penned in a run away from people most of the time is depressing him more. He does get weekend house time with the senior dogs who don't bother him and he does just fine. He is such a wonderful creature, we only wish he were happy here and we envy the person who someday he chooses to call his own.

Depressed and sad, we get brief flashes of the potential happy dog he could be, when we first get home, as he is then all bouncy wiggle butts, tail wags, silly smiles and it warms our hearts for a bit! But it doesn't last long. Away from the kennels and in the home on weekends, he is well behaved, housebroken, and loyal, and will sleep on the foot of your bed if you will allow him as he prefers to be close to you so he can watch over you and feel more secure himself. But still sad and quiet, as to protect himself from more heartache, Warrior never seems to totally give all of himself, always holding back waiting for the next change to take it all away again. Although he has lost the spark in his eyes and the spring in his step, you can still see that he has it all locked inside just BUSTING to get out, once his life is stable and secure again.

Can you help us find Warriors heart? If you do, he will bond to you for life and as long as he is around, you will never ever be alone again. That is his promise to his person. He needs YOU as much as YOU need him. We both know this is true.

Don't let this beautiful soul hurt any longer. Schedule an appt today to meet your soul-mate for life and change his and your world one more time, but this time, forever.