RockySpot Rescue
P.O. Box 98
Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065
(405) 699-7358
Rockyspot Rescue Inc


Do you need a friend??? REALLY??? I need a friend too!! WOW!! Will you be my friend?

My life hasn't always been good. But I have been given a second chance! And I want to make the most of it! It was hard but I have just now started to love humans and boy do I love them once I trust them. I want a friend and I want to sit with my friend (or on my friend, really!) where ever they are!

They say I would do best with a very confident dog to show me scary things are ok! I LIKE to follow the leader when it is a confident leader! But if not, YOU can be my confident leader! I will let you!

I will let you do anything you want once I know you will never hurt me! I will be your friend for LIFE, I promise!

And I can look tough if I need to do so in order to make you feel safe too. Just say the word!