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Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065
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Rockyspot Rescue Inc



This is Amelia! I had a rough start to life! My brother Taz and I were in doggie jail when we were puppies! We were so excited to get out of there and be adopted together! Unfortunately, we were left alone outside most of the time, but that was ok, we had each other! Then a year later when we were bigger, but still kids, we thought we would be big dogs and get out! But OH NO! We ended up in doggie jail again!!! It was MUCH scarier now than as pups! We were overwhelmed with all the noise, dogs crying and PEOPLE! We had never seen people much before and from the sounds of all the crying, they had to be BAD! Then we heard there was not going to be a second chance for us! But then a rescue took us out. There were less people, but just as scary! They fed us and thankfully left us alone, most of the time anyway. Slowly, since they fed us, gave us warm blankets, and talked soft to us, we were less scared but trembled anytime they came around... cause you never know, right? And sure enough, every week they would touch us all over and take us scary places and just traumatize us like crazy! It was horrible.

But one day, we were excited to see them and every day after that was easier. Now, although we are still timid about new things, we love the people that take care of us and play and play with the other dogs and cuddle with the humans at night in bed. Soooo.... they say we are ready for our OWN home with our OWN people. We know it will be scary but they say they will find a MUCH better home than the shelter did AND it will be a home that understands and gives us time. And if, by some reason it doesn't work, they will come get us and keep us safe for the rest of our lives! WE DID GET A SECOND AND LAST CHANCE AFTER ALL!

About me! I am a young athletic, happy girl who just wants to be loved and feel safe. I think I would be good at protecting my humans too! I prefer male dogs when playing as bully dogs drive me insane. Who do they think they are??? Bullying is just bad! But I could be an only dog too if I got plenty of play time with my human! I just want to love and be loved and safe.

Come see me and see how sweet and pretty I am. I will make you proud!