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RSR Holiday Card
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RockySpot Holiday Cards are now Available!

For the first time ever we are offering a NEW Limited Edition, one of a kind, holiday greeting card.
These cards have a beautiful 5x7 full color glossy finish on the outside, and a cute saying on the inside.
The cards are now availalbe for only $10 for a box of 10! (plus shipping)
100% of the proceesed from the sale of the card will be donated to RockySpot Rescue!


If you would like Both Beagle and Dalmation cards, pleae specify how to mix your order in the comments section. Mix orders not specified will receive half Beagle cards and Half Dalmatian Cards.

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RockySpot Rescues

Beagle/Dalmation T-shirts

RSR T-Shirts
$18.00 plus $3.00 S/h.
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Order NOW using a credit card through PayPay
(Membership not required):
Shirt Size
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Mail checks to:
RockySpot Rescue
PO Box 98
Newcastle OK 73065


I am a Beagle Dalmatian! A Daleagle or Beaglmatian! What ever you want to call me.. I AM CUTE! As is my brother Mickey! We are bonded and need to be placed together if possible, It would make us BOTH SO VERY HAPPY!

We have spots! Yep tall beagles with spots! Our spots are tri colored just like a beagle! Dark on top and light down the legs and around the face. We also have BEAGLE FACES and EARS.. heh hee.. we are a cute cute unique pair! Young, sweet, laid back (but still playful sometimes) with a nose and a voice of a beagle but the attitude of a Dalmatian. (ok so even we are a tad confused sometimes! LOL)

One thing we are NOT confused about is, WE WANT A HOME OF OUR OWN! Are you that home? Are you a Dalmatian loving Beagle loving home? If so, we are the PERFECT pair for you! And even if not, we promise to TRY TO BE PERFECT for you!

Come see us! Minnie

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