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ASSISTED PLACEMENT: For more information, call or text 925-759-4323

For the last two weeks we have been fostering Spotty. Spotty is a dream pup with the softest, most loving temperament. We have not seen any aggression at all! Not to food, other dogs, people and babies. Her hobbies include standing upright on her back feet like a bear, kissing our pitbull Virginia and long cuddles. I found her in our neighborhood roaming with AWFUL feet conditions. Her pads were so run down from her travels that they have cratered and some of toe nails have ripped/fallen off. She has trouble walking due to tenderness, however, a majority of the time she forgets she is in paid due to her happiness. She is healing and is in MUCH better health since we have had her. We love her, but are moving and don’t necessarily have room for her with our other dogs. RockySpot is assisting in the placement of Spotty. Feel free to call or text for more information at 925-759-4323.

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